The PN Difference

Performance. Security. Reliability. Guaranteed.


Enterprise Grade Hardware

We take great care in ensuring that every system we deploy features high-end components to ensure maximum possible reliability; we don't cut corners to save an extra buck if it may put the stability of your service at risk!

Corero DDoS Protection

All of our locations have world-class Corero SmartWall appliances deployed and configured in-line (for immediate scrubbing with no connection drop) to shield every service we provide from malicious attacks.

team spirit

Personal & Helpful Customer Support

Our passionate multilingual staff team love what they do, so if something ever goes wrong, lean on us! We're here to serve you! All services benefit from responsive, personal and helpful customer support!


Flexibility and Customisability

We're more than happy to go the extra mile to match your deployment requirements exactly. In need of a different location, custom configuration or a different chip than we list, let us know and we can help!


Simple Server Management

Making use of Virtualizor, SynergyCP and cPanel, we allow for every service we provide to be easily controlled and managed from any device connected to the net, enabling on-the-go configuration or adjustments.


Performance Processors

At PrimeNodes, we don't just stick with industry standard Xeon or scaleable processors. We can deliver systems featuring Intel Cores, AMD Ryzens as well as EPYC and Threadripper processors!

Our Promises To You.

View a selection of some of the aspects of our web hosting accounts that make us stand out to the rest!

Quality Measurement
Never Compromise On Quality Of Service. Ever.

We operate a very straightforward policy, to never compromise on the quality of service we offer; this includes the customer service we provide, the hardware we deploy, our selected network transit providers and the data centers from where we base ourselves. A considerable amount of other hosting providers lower the standard of their products to be able to price gouge their competitors, enabling them to be able to pick up the customers that are only looking for the cheapest.

We're upfront and transparent with our customers, and if you aim to find the cheapest service, then the chances are that we're not going to be a good fit for you. We're by no means the most expensive provider on the market, and the services we off are designed to be as affordable as possible while maintaining the excellent level of quality that we strive to deliver, but make no mistake; we're not a budget provider. We will never cut corners to be able to price our services cheaper than competitors if it puts the reliability or the longevity of your server at risk. Making use of DDCL and CoreSite as our data center partners, we ensure that the quality of our services from the data center level up is never anything but the best.

Friendly Staff
Corporate Humility. People Not Numbers.

When it comes to customer service, we're committed to remembering whom we serve... you. When compared to some of the more prominent players on the scene, we're still a relatively small team, but we can guarantee that we pack a punch! We're able to provide rapid customer support, with the average response times of our technical division measured in minutes, not days! If you're ever in need of sales or billing assistance, we're at your disposal and just a call away!

We treat every customer as a person, as you should be, rather than an account number or statistic, and we ensure that we're fully accountable for every service that we offer. We'll not try to upsell you to a package that you don't need, and we'll always try to recommend the smallest plan that will best suit your individual or business requirements.

Building Long Term Relationships
Rapidly Growing UK Business. Not A Popup Host.

At PrimeNodes, all hardware that we deploy is 100% company-owned, enabling us to have control over the level of service you receive. With almost half a decades' worth of experience in the hosting industry, and close ties to gaming service providers (including our sister company, ELHostingServices), we have a rock-solid footing and aren't going anywhere!

We're not a popup host. We don't resell other providers. If you want a reliable and stable infrastructure provider or business partner for your next deployment, get in touch!