The PrimeNodes Difference

Performance. Security. Reliability. Guaranteed.

Never Compromise On Quality. Ever.

We operate a very straightforward method of working, to never compromise on the quality of service we offer. A considerable amount of other hosting providers lower the standard of their products to be able to price gouge their competitors, enabling them to be able to pick up the customers that are only looking for the cheapest.

If you're looking to save money and compromise on the quality, the likely chance is that we won't suit you. Our slogan was built around this, and it is incredibly accurate. We don't design our services to be the cheapest; we design them to be the best. Making use of Equinix and CoreSite as our datacenter partners, we ensure that the quality of our services from the infrastructure level is never anything but the best.

Corporate Humility. People Not Numbers.

Something you won't find in many slightly unethical corporations is any humility when it comes to interacting with customers, but you will find it within PrimeNodes. We're transparent, treat every customer as a person, as they should be, rather than a number or statistic and ensure that we're fully accountable for the services that we offer.

We don't oversell our hardware just to be able to earn extra money. Our web hosting plans aren't provisioned on overallocated nodes, and our VPS servers are assigned dedicated resources to ensure that no matter which service you have with us, it will run as smoothly as possible.

We don't upsell customers. We're confident in the services we provide and recommend the smallest plan that will best suit an individual or businesses needs, allowing the customer to then upgrade on when they choose to.

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