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Basic Position Requirements

Willingness To Learn

You must have a desire to learn, as you will be doing a lot of it! Our staff get mandatory training on a regular occasion requiring focus and drive to take on new knowledge and to put new skills into execution when working.

Independent Thinker & Learner

All applicants must have the ability to think and learn independently to find solutions to questions and issues without the constant need to check with another employee. It seems like common sense, but the ability to use Google is also a must.

Excellent Communication Skills

The main part of the job for all roles within our company is communicating with customers - so good communication skills are required. Applicants need to be able to use English spelling and grammar perfectly and to be able to type at more than 65 WPM.

Friendly and Passionate

Applicants are required to have a friendly, happy and creative persona. In addition to that, you need to have a passion for providing an exceptional service and providing excellent customer service for ensuring high client satisfaction at all times while using our services.

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