High-Performance Servers

Your go-to infrastructure provider offering robust, reliable and low-cost servers located around the world.

Our ServicesOffering a range of premium performance web, VPS and baremetal services that can be provisioned with just a simple click of a button.
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Web Servers

Reliable, stable and fast website hosting located in the United Kingdom, rocking a CloudLinux base and Corero Network Security protection.

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Virtual Private Servers

Extreme performance Virtual Private Servers, featuring high clock-rate Intel i7 processors, enterprise storage drives and premium global network connectivity.

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Bare Metal Servers

Trustworthy and dependable bare-metal dedicated servers, utilising the latest gen hardware, located in secure and datacenters around the world for you.

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What We Offer

Hardened Security

We understand how much security means. That's why all our datacenters have 24/7 onsite security personnel with an extensive array of protection services in operation and fire suppression measures in place to ensure that your server, and your data, is physically shielded.

24/7 In-House Technical Support

Sometimes, when things go wrong, they go really wrong. That's why it's great to always have help at hand, someone with a cool head ready to assist. With staff based around the globe, living in different time zones, an engineer is always ready to assist you.

Premium Networking

Utilising a premium blend of network peers allows PrimeNodes to operate a super-low-latency configuration across the world.

Stunning Climate Management

With AC units in operation within each datacenter and failover CRAC units in place, your server can run at optimum temperature at all times.

Corero DDoS Mitigation

Corero Always-On DDoS Protection is enabled on every service we provide to shield your server from malicious attacks and avoid downtime.

The PrimeNodes DifferenceDon't settle for anything but the best.

We don't design our services to be the cheapest on the market. We design them to be the best.

All nodes operated by PrimeNodes are 100% self-owned and connected to the world via a super-low-latency premium network that is shielded by Corero Network Security DDoS mitigation, with the capacity to filter all layers of attacks. When pairing the service quality with our fantastic customer care, we're confident you'll notice the difference when compared to other providers.