Affiliate Platform

Earn money for referring customers to PrimeNodes.

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High Referral Rate

Earn money quickly and easily on a monthly basis! We will pay you 5% of any service that is purchased by anyone you refer to use our services. When they renew that service, you will continue to earn 5% of the cost of their service on a monthly recurring basis.

Ultra-Low Payout Amount

With a payout amount threshold of just £50, you can cash out your referral account credit sooner without a long wait time. Payouts through PayPal and Bank Transfer enable you to choose the best way for you to receive your money faster.

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Short Hold Period

A short payment hold of 45 days after a customer purchases a service; you can get paid fast!

Real Time Statistics

View how well you're referring visitors and making sales in real-time on your dashboard.

Marketing Materials

Make use of our multiple marketing resources to make your job of referring customers even easier.